Dock Piling Covers vs Fenders

We struggled for years using bumper fenders, strips or spare tires to protect our boat from rubbing up against the pilings or dock. Boat tires are just plain hideous and put black marks on the boat; Bumpers constantly move and twist and tore up our pilings and Fender strips, they just didn't have the right amount of cushion or protection. Thus.. DockSentry was born. These are soft pliable plastic covers that protect the pilings from the elements and guard the boat from damage. Win Win right? Absolutely! These are non-leaching, eco friendly, they float, will not mark the boat, very pleasing to the eye, available with solar lights, UV protected, recyclable, Made in the USA and come in a variety of colors. What are your needs for protecting your boat and dock pilings?

Below are some pictures of how we struggled with piling fenders and why we created DockSentry.